What is Home Staging?

Many people think that staging is the same as decorating. There is a significant difference between the two.

Decorating is about your personal style. As an example, if you love purple and gold and want that in your bedroom then by all means decorate your bedroom in purple and gold. The way you decorate your home for your own enjoyment and the way you market you home for sale or rent are very different!

The primary purpose for staging is to ensure each room of the home functions as it should. To accomplish this, it is important to declutter each room and ensure the furniture selection and set up maximize the feature(s) of each room. Decor is then placed to create balance and flow through out the home.

When you decide to list your home for sale or rent, ensuring each space is properly merchandised will help you to appeal to the greatest pool of buyers/renters possible.

2021 Seller's Market Survey by RESA® (Real Estate Staging Association) of 4,600 homes:
- 73% of staged homes sold over list
- Staged homes sold 9 days faster than non staged homes
- Staged homes sold on average $40K over list price
- 1.3% investment in staging netted 7.1% over-list return on investment


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Staging Services

Whether you are looking to "stay" in your home, "sell" your home or find a good tenant for your "rental", we can help! We have nurtured strong relationships in our industry with suppliers and contractors in order to provide a superior experience and service to our clients and we are backed with a healthy list of trusted professionals in the construction trades as well as discounted pricing in some cases with our contractor pricing program.

Stage to stay

Looking to "love your home" again?

Many people love watching HGTV and would love to have spaces in their home that resemble what they see on HGTV but just don't have the techniques to achieve this.

Our Stage to Stay offer can be an affordable way for most people to achieve the look and feel they want.

We will evaluate your home and help you determine what items should stay, go or need to be added including decor and recommend ideal furniture style(s) and placement to maximize the features of each space.

Many of our real estate clients call us to stage their new home after living in their staged home that is for sale because they love the way it feels :)

Base price for a full staging consult with report starts at $299+tax

**The total cost of the staging will depend on the size of the home, number of rooms to be completed and items to be rented.

How it works

Our well planned process makes staging your property a breeze!

1.Book a Call
We will outline your needs and make sure we understand your timelines. This is also your opportunity to ask all the questions you want and we can address any of your questions and/or concerns.

Onsite consult with one of our certified stagers. We go through your home from top to bottom, inside and out! We will then prepare a staging report outlining the items you will need to remove from the home and any areas you will need to fix/repair.

Our professional stagers arrive with our fully-stocked staging trailer to enhance all of your home’s positive features. Depending on the size of the home and the number of rooms to be staged, this process can take 3-5 hours typically.

4Photo Shoot (optional)
Next we get ready for showtime. Our experienced photographers will  capture the elegence of your home and create an interactive walk-through video with our Matterport Camera.

Other Services

Who we are

As a home flipper and Realtor, early on in my career I came to understand the impact good home staging can have on selling a home, both occupied and vacant. Although people shop for a home based on their budget, their decision on what home to buy is driven primarily by emotion. It's that "emotional connection" that makes people say "WOW!! I LOVE THIS HOME!! " when they walk in the front door.

Our team of seasoned certified stagers are well versed in design and decor and can help any home owner achieve a look and feel that will create that emotional "WOW" they are looking for. In fact, our team is so talented that many of our home seller clients have asked us to stage their new home. That is how impactful home staging can be.


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