Top outdoor living trends: Sanctuary, self-care and sustainability

(NC) Over the past several years, our backyards have become much more than spaces for weekend barbecues. They’re where we go to decompress from our increasingly hectic lives and gather with family and friends to celebrate life’s special moments. With self-care an increasing priority, it’s no surprise that creating a sense of sanctuary tops the list of trends influencing exterior design this year. According to the outdoor living experts at Trex, these four top trends are shaping the way we live, unwind and entertain in the great outdoors.

Restorative retreats
Connecting with nature is critical for humans and a backyard area can play a major role in promoting mental and physical well-being. Creating a restorative outdoor retreat can be as simple as turning a cosy corner into a reading nook by adding plush cushions and pillows. Or, with a little more budget, products like fencing, privacy screens and lattice can enhance a sense of sanctuary. And don’t forget the space beneath the deck, especially if it’s elevated. Adding an under-deck drainage system keeps the space below the deck dry, allowing homeowners to enjoy bonus outdoor space with the same function and finishes as a room inside the home.

Natural and neutral
Homeowners are embracing the elegance of a minimalist palette, opting for cleaner lines and materials inspired by nature that create a harmonious outdoor ambiance. Demand for light, neutral deck boards is up. Homeowners are increasingly choosing low-maintenance, natural-looking composite decking, such as Trex’s Signature line, to provide the perfect backdrop for a neutral outdoor palette.

Sustainable selections
People are more conscious than ever of their environmental footprint and want to create outdoor spaces that last without leaving a damaging impact. Native plants, pollinator gardens and xeriscaping (using plants that require minimal watering) are all gaining popularity. Likewise, eco-friendly materials are on the rise. Made from mostly recycled and reclaimed materials, composite decking offers an ideal choice for today’s increasingly eco-conscious homeowners.

Destination spaces
We all want to live like we’re vacationing at a five-star resort, even if our backyard is the size of a postage stamp. Inspired by travel and the luxurious lifestyles featured on TV and in magazines, today’s homeowners have become increasingly fluent in creating destination-style outdoor spaces furnished with resort-inspired décor, such as cabana chairs in nautical stripes and daybeds with room enough for two (or more). Bring the look home with a stylish pergola, a fire table and lots of tropical plants to create the look and feel of a glamorous getaway.


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